Use of the Makerspace is free and does not require a membership. We do charge a small fee for the use of some equipment to cover maintenance, as well as for materials like 3D printing filament.

3D Printing Materials
Item Price
3D Printing Filament PLA/ABS/PETG (per gram) $0.07
3D Printing Filament TPE or PVA (per gram) $0.15
Laser Use Fee
Item Price
Laser use (per minute) $0.05
Laser use (per hour) $3.00
Digital Media Lab Materials
Item Price
VHS-to-DVD conversion (per DVD) $3.00
Craft Materials
Item Price
Stretched Art Canvas $2.50
Balloon (for balloon animals) $0.10
Bracelet (rubber band or twine) $0.25
Button (large) $0.25
Button (small) $0.15
Cardstock (per 12×12 sheet) $0.20
Cardstock (per 8.5×11 sheet) $0.25
Charcoal Paper (per sheet) $0.75
Construction Paper (per sheet) $0.10
Embroidery interfacing (7.5 “x 8.5”) $0.07
Laminating Sleeve (full sheet) $0.50
Laminating Sleeve (half sheet) $0.25
Paracord (per foot) $0.10
Patterned Paper (per 1-sided sheet) $0.50
Patterned Paper (per 2-sided sheet) $1.00
Perler Beads (large) $0.50
Perler Beads (small) $0.25
Sketchpad Paper (per sheet) $0.15
Vinyl (per square inch) $0.04
Shaper Origin
Item Price
Shaper Tape (per inch) $0.03
Item Price
CNC Machining Time (per minute) $0.10