Located in the Steele Memorial Library, CCLD Makerspace is a place where people come to create and learn about technology and crafts from professionals and capable people within our community. CCLD Makerspace is made up of three labs: the Tinker Lab, the Digital Media Lab, and the Technology Training Lab.

Our Mission

  • To promote the free and selfless giving of knowledge
  • To encourage the members of the community to teach and learn without reservation
  • To maintain a space the community can be proud of
  • To develop programs that speak to the curiosity of students and citizens
  • To give experienced people every opportunity to pass on their crafts as mentors
  • To stay true to the impetus of the library model by proliferating ideas and imagination as much as we are able
  • To use knowledge to better ourselves, our town, our region, and our world
  • To nurture the creative spirit in people without prejudice or discrimination
  • To know that mistakes and setbacks are intrinsic to the process of learning
  • To tinker, teach, encourage, create, learn, and above all else, to make


CCLD Makerspace was started in 2013 and has expanded over the years to include three labs and a growing number of maker tools and resources.